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Masakazu Hara

Masakazu Hara, Partner
Attorney at law admitted in Japan and New York

Personal History

  • Faculty of Law, Kyoto University in 2000 (LL.B)
  • Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan in 2002
  • Admitted in Japan and Registered with Osaka Bar Association in October 2002
  • Duke University School of Law in May 2008 (LL.M)
  • Admitted in the State of New York in April 2009
  • Visiting Attorney at Earthjustice (Oakland, CA) from August 2008 to June 2009
  • Internship at C&I Partners Law Firm in Guangzhou, China from July to September 2009

Professional Affiliation / Activities

  • Osaka Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Environmental Committee of Japan Federation of Bar Associations
  • Japan Environmental Lawyers Federation (JELF)
  • Research Council of International Law and Practice
  • Society for the Study of Sports
  • Kuzuha Rotary Club (Osaka)
  • Executive Director of Osaka City Condominium Management Support Organization in 2006

Main Fields of International Business Activity

Legal Consultation on Contracts (Japanese, English, Chinese)
International Civil and Family Law Disputes
Corporation Bankruptcy, Court Protection, Debt-Workout
Environment-Related Cases
International Environment-Related Cases (global warming issue, trans-border wastes)
Online Transactions and Disputes
Sports-related Cases
Inheritance, Divorce, Traffic Accidents, Civil and Family Cases

International Representation;
Represented a Japanese corporation in an international transaction case and negotiated with an US corporation.
Represented foreign citizens on divorce cases (including child custody cases), criminal cases (e.g. drug use case), and cases involving termination of employment contract.
Consulted many contracts written in English.


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