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Client's Voices


From an English Teacher in Japan

I visited the Asunaro Law Office with a simple request. I wanted a fair and mutually agreeable divorce as soon as possible. However, the background to my request was incredibly complicated. Mr Masakazu Hara soon understood the difficult nature of my relationship and enacted a very clear and methodical set of actions that best suited my case. His diligence and constant communication ensured I always knew what was happening and what to expect next. My divorce was resolved smoothly and amicably and I shall always appreciate Mr Masakazu Hara's efforts.

Form a father in the U.S.A

I am a male U.S.citizen and while living in Japan with my Japanese wife and our young child, I was represented by Naoki Ikeda in a very complicated family law matter involving custody and divorce. Because the Japanese family law is so ineffective and I being an ex-pat living in Japan on a spouse visa, I decided to leave Japan and have the matter adjudicated in a U.S. court. The Asunaro Law Firm and Naoki Ikeda provided me with exceptional representation and guidance throughout this painful and stressful ordeal. I won the case and was granted a divorce and absolute custody of the child. I will be forever grateful for the professional representation and also the kindness and personal support from Ikeda-san and his staff.

From an English teacher in Japan

I was suddenly fired by my former employer and was totally at a loss in Japan because I had been in Japan for less than a year. Mr. Ikeda represented me on the case by using the Legal Aid. We could settle the case in a way I could happily restart my new life here in Kobe. We could communicate directly in English without an interpreter and it was very effective in the court procedure.
I introduced my friend who was also terminated her employment contract and was on the verge of forcefully leaving Japan. Mr. Ikeda called the employer from the room of the consultation and through several times of negotiation, she was given a new contract with a visa sponsorship. She was grateful not only for Mr. Ikeda but also for me as a person who saved her emergency.


Client's Voices