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Attorney Tsuda and Attorney Ikeda left their law offices respectively after 17 years of practice and established Asunaro Law Office in May, 2003. We are well known in Osaka area for our legal support for small and medium-sized enterprises and wide range of unique activities including Pro Bono activities. We have been incorporated with a branch office in Amami(Amami Island,Kagoshima) since 2010.

Corporate Name
Asunaro Legal Professional Corporation
Asunaro Law Office (Osaka), Amami Asunaro Law Office (Amami Island)
Naoki Ikeda
Masakazu Hara
Hirokatsu Tsuda
Hogara Iwamoto
Yuko Ishitobi
Yuko Murotani
Yuma Saito
Yuji Kuroda
Shunsuke Sugita
Kaeko Hirabayashi
Tomohiko Wada
Kento Ikeda
Osaka Head Office
StoRK BLDG. 4F, 1-4-10 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0054 JAPAN
Amami Branch Office
22-23, Nazeminato-machi, Amami-city, Kagoshima 894-0026 Japan
Osaka Head Office
81-(0)6-6268-5070    Fax: 81-(0)6-6268-5071
Amami Branch Office
81-(0)997-57-6211    Fax: 81-(0)997-57-6217

Legal Service For Foreign Corporations

  • International Business Transaction and Related Legal Matters
  • English Legal Consultation about Japanese laws and Businesses
  • Filing a lawsuit in Japan
  • Cooperation with Local Offices

Legal Service for Foreign Citizens

  • Family Law Cases
  • Civil Law Cases
  • Other Cases


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