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One-Stop Service by Professional Network

Our office is a member of Total Support Brains, a groupcomposed of various professionals including Legal Professional Corporation, Certified Tax Accountant Corporations and a Legal ScribnerOffice. Through this professional network, we offer so called “one-stop service,” comprehensive and integrated professional service provided by various professionals simultaneously with reasonable cost and time. We can check hidden relevant issues like tax risks in course of legal consultation with controlled cost and timely response. Our clients can receive such professional service without incurring unexpected additional cost. Asunaro Law Office wishes to be a good partner for owners of SMEs which have been supporting the fundamentals of domestic and international economy.

[Total Support Brains]

Member Professionals
Out network has attorneys at law including two attorneys licensed in USA, Tax Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Judicial Scriveners, Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants, Administrative Scriveners, Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultants. Japan Environmental Organization is a non-profit organization closely related to TSB, which networks various kinds of professionals and corporations specialized in environmental businesses and issues.
Typical Joint Service
TSB offers support for business reconstruction with a variety of methods and countermeasures by helping SMEs survive and succeed their business enterprises. Our strengths are flexibility of services and cost competitiveness. Depending upon our professional network, we can provide not only due diligence service on legal matters and financial & accounting matters but also business consultation on how to promote and restructure the business organization and stimulate morale of employees. Because we specialize in SMEs' business, we can provide such service in reasonable range of cost in light of the business scale and its financial situation.


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